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Executive Coaching

Marygrove Consulting helps college and university leaders and non-profit executives improve their leadership skills. With a focus on first-time executive leaders, we offer coaching and mentoring services and create tailored frameworks to advance organizational growth and resolve complex issues in areas like personnel management, finances and board relations. Working with our coaches, you’ll gain new perspectives and knowledge that can assist you in building your team for success.


Higher Education Executives

We bring over 50 years of combined higher education experience to this service. Our unique skill sets and work experiences will help you quickly analyze your institution’s status in these areas:

  • Enrollment and Student Affairs
  • Finance
  • Advancement
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
  • Board Development

We assist new higher education leaders get a perspective on current operations and help adopt practices that will lead to organizational growth. Most important, our coaches provide a safe space for the executive to discuss complex issues and develop the skills and self-confidence to lead.


Non-Profit Leaders

Non-profit executives face unique circumstances and challenges in today’s competitive environment. Our executive coaching focuses on the practical issues faced by non-profit leaders and their changing role in the organization. We tailor coaching sessions to your needs, but they often revolve around these common topics:

  • Strategic Planning and Positioning
  • Creating a Development Plan for a Sustainable Future
  • The Executive Director as Chief Fundraiser
  • Maximizing Board Participation


Contact Us

Contact us here to discuss an affordable way to build your executive skills through our coaching services.