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Federal Title III/V Eligibility and Grant Services

We specialize in the Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) programs of the U.S. Department of Education. These grants provide direct funding to your institution to improve facilities, build academic programs, support student services and more. MSI funds are available through both formula and competitive grants. From the beginning, we work as your partners, determining your eligibility for funding and the range of possible federal grants available for your programs. This two-part process includes:


The Department of Education conducts an annual review of IPEDS information to determine which institutions are eligible for funding. If you have not received an MSI grant, chances are that your institution is listed as “ineligible.” We can help you get off that list. With you, we review the Department of Education’s Eligibility Matrix and strategize the most effective approach for gaining eligibility. We then take you step-by-step through the waiver process.

Grant Preparation

Once you are eligible, your grant application will accurately reflect your unique mission and vision. Goals and objectives will be developed to meet student needs and to address the areas of emphasis articulated by the Department of Education. At Marygrove Consulting, we adhere to a winning process for grant success:

  • We establish a relationship with you early in the process so that we understand the unique goals of your institution and the needs of your students.
  • We walk through the grant application with you, identifying the areas of emphasis highlighted by the Department of Education.
  • We work with all aspects of your organization: student services, finance, enrollment, institutional research, academic affairs and others to tailor the most effective application.
  • We apply the lessons we have learned from writing and reviewing successful federal grant applications to produce a grant that matches the federal guidelines and priorities.
  • We stick to deadlines and make sure that your application and all required federal filings are submitted on time.

To learn more about our Department of Education grant services, contact us here.

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